Thank you for supporting our adoption.  The costs will likely run up to $45,000 to bring our son or daughter home from Ethiopia.

Below is our Budget.  If you are considering adoption, we hope you find this useful as we could not locate a good detailed budget outside of our agency guidance.  We have been counseled to expect a lot of extra costs that just come up.  Timing is highly variable and depends on when we get a referral for a child.

Expense Amount Timing Details
Home Study 2,975.00 September 2012 Due upfront
IFS Application fee 4,950.00 September 2012 Due upfront
Dossier Authentication Fee 500.00 November 2012 Takes 30 days
Ethiopia Program Fee+D.C. certification 6,850.00 December 2012 Due when you send in Dossier
Ethiopia Consulate Fee 6,510.00 March 2013 Due when referral is accepted
Post Placement Deposit 1,000.00 March 2013 Due when referral is accepted
Foster Care 1,800.00 March 2013 Calculated for 6 months at $300/mo
Airline Tickets 5,000.00 August 2013 Calculated for 2 tickets at 2,000/person/Trip for Court date
Room and Board 1,890.00 August 2013 Both trips/Calculated at $135/nt. for 2 people
Guide and travel 980.00 August 2013 This is for transportation while in Ethiopia at $70/day/Calculated for both trips/14 days total
Airline Tickets 5,000.00 November 2013 Calculated for 2 tickets at 2,000/person/Trip to pick up child
Child Exam in Ethiopia 45.00 October-November 2013
Child Visa 405.00 October-November 2013 Paid to US Embassy
Parents Visa 40.00 October-November 2013 Obtained at the airport in Addis Ababa.  Obtain visa before leaving from the Ethiopia Consular section.
Extra costs – tbd