A big part of the adoption home study is a long autobiography Renee and I must complete seperately. The social worker reads this to write up a report on us to send to Ethiopia.
The autobiography is around 60 questions but each one is a challenge to answer without a disertation. Such as

If you are a parent, describe your children’s character, gifts, personality, talents, etc. Are they adopted / biological / step / foster? In what ways are they like you or your spouse? How are they different? What problems have you had with your children? How has it resolved? How will they accept sharing their parents with an adopted sibling? How will they be affected? What do you enjoy most about parenting?


Its official. We are not criminals. We got our Indiana fingerprinting and background check cleared.

Below is a picture of the Dossier that we have just started.  I spread it out on the dining room table to help me stay organized.  This system seems to be working for me.  Thanks to Joy Beghtel for the suggestion.  This part of the paperwork takes the longest, because everything has to be notarized and then sent off to the state to be certified before being sent to immigration.  I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who has ever adopted!!  


We went to an Ethiopian restaurant on the West side of Indy last weekend.  Bryan’s parents, John and Roselyn, came with us for this adventure.  The food is served family style with no plates or utensils (we did ask for a few plates for the kids).  The food is served in a large bowl on top of a traditional bread called injera.  You pull pieces of the injera bread off and use the bread to scoop up the meat and vegetables with your hands.  That took a little getting used to.  It’s a little messy, but we got the hang of it.  The food was very tasty and filling!!  We all tried goat for the first time and it was actually really good. If anyone is feeling a little adventurous give Ethiopian food a try!  It’s a great way to experience a new culture and talk about another country.  If you go and want company, let us know. We would love to join you!  



We had our first visit from the social worker helping us through the home study process.  We have a lot of paperwork to complete including a very detailed biography…should be interesting.

We submitted our first of many sets of paperwork to begin our home study! This is a big, formal step. Classes, reading, forms, and social workers lie ahead.

There are two primary agencies we will work with to bring out new son or daughter home from Ethiopia.  First is the Home Study company.  We have chosen Adoptions of Indiana for this part.  The second agency is the actual adoption agency in which we are choosing International Family Services (IFS).  We spent some time filling out our Home Study paperwork which will require classes, reading, testing, and working with a social worker.  These steps will help us complete our file that IFS  needs in order to refer a child to our family.

Please be in prayer for our clarity and patience as we embark on this long process involving a lot of money, paperwork, and waiting.